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10 Popular Mountain Biking Around Payson, Arizona

The best thing about mountain biking through the diverse wilderness around Payson, Arizona is how each trail takes your breath away — not just from all the uphill pedaling, but how almost all the trails wind their way around at some point to a vista. Mountain biking is an activity for all ages and abilities, but difficulty of the trails varies considerably from easy to challenging.

Some trails are appropriate for children and families and other trails are better suited for an expert looking for their next challenge. Mountain biking around Payson, Arizona may be the best kept secret in Arizona. Below is a list of 10 popular mountain biking trails around Payson.

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Payson Arizona Mountain Biking | Payson AZ Mountain Bike Trails

Cypress-Boulders Ride

Difficulty – Moderate

You will find the trailhead for Cypress-Boulders trail at the end of Phoenix Street in Payson. This trail is part of the Payson Area Trail System and is close to town offering a moderately difficult ride through the forest. The first mile of the ride is on the smooth Cypress trail.

The trail then intersects with the Boulders Trail Loop which you can take in either direction. The whole loop ride is 3.7 miles and provides great views of the Granite Dells.

Woods Canyon Lake Area/Rim Lakes Vista Trail

Difficulty – Easy

This is a great ride for children and families. The trail is not a technical ride or single track, but still offers a great ride through the forest while riders take in the spectacular views off of the Mogollon Rim. There is a mixture of paved and unpaved paths at a rider’s option. Riders may stop in at the Woods Canyon Lake store for ice cream and other refreshments.

To reach the trailhead just head east of Payson to the Woods Canyon Lake turnoff (300 Road) and park in the first parking lot immediately after the turnoff.

Pine Loop

Difficulty – Easy

The Pine trail is an easy 2.8 Mile loop located in Pine, Arizona north of Payson. The trail was built by mountain bikers and great for beginners and children. This smooth trail weaves through the forest and passes through some dry creek beds. It is a pretty area with a good chance of seeing wildlife. The trailhead has a paved parking lot and the trail is well mared.

260 Trailhead to See Canyon Trail

Difficulty – Moderate

This trail is an eastern portion of the larger Highline Trail and is a mountain bikers dream. The first part of the trail is a smooth, single track that winds through the forest. The trail then has a mix of nice drops and speedy descents down into the creek at See Canyon. The ride is 6.5 miles to down the rim. At this point you can choose to make the rugged uphill ride back up the trail to the 260 trailhead or you can ride up highway 260 back to the trailhead.

To avoid the dangers of riding along the highway or the strenuous uphill trail ride, many riders opt for the third option which is to leave a second vehicle at the Christopher Creek general store and drive back up to the 260 Trailhead.

Payson Arizona Mountain Biking | Payson AZ Mountain Bike Trails

Washington Park Trail

Difficulty – Moderate

This is another section of the larger Highline Trail that has recently been improved by the efforts of Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (VOAZ) making it a first-class ride.

The trail easy to follow and really a pretty 6-mile ride through the forest.

The trail starts at the small community of Washington Park and heads 6 miles to Perley Creek. Located north of Payson, Arizona, it is a 12 mile out and back ride through the recently improved section of the Highline Trail.

Horton Creek Trail

Difficulty – Moderate

This fun and flowing trail follows the beautiful Horton Creek to Horton Spring. It is an 8-mile down and back that showcases beautiful Horton Creek and its waterfalls among the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world.

It is a gradual 1200-foot climb from the trailhead. At the end of the trail you will see the picturesque area where the creek comes out of the hillside. Horton Creek is located east of Payson, Arizona.

Houston Brothers Trail

Difficulty – Moderate

The trail is on top of the Mogollon Rim east of Payson, Arizona and is considered one of the best of the many great trails in the area. It is an 8 mile out and back trail that follows a stream through a mountain valley and is set among the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world. Along the path you will also encounter two historic cabins.

Bearfoot Trail to Pine Trailhead

Difficulty – Moderate

This newly updated trail is scenic 14-mile ride one way from the Pine Trailhead and ending at Pine Creek and the intersection of Pine Canyon trail. The trail features forests, a meadow, spectacular views of Pine Valley, and a creek.

There are Bearfoot Trail signs depicting two bear paws that are placed along the path. This is a long ride that can be done as an out and back or by completing the loop by following the highway back (not recommended). The third option is the use of two vehicles.

Payson Arizona Mountain Biking | Payson AZ Mountain Bike Trails

Pine-Strawberry Trail #15

Difficulty – Moderate

This is a 4-mile section of a larger 15-mile bike racecourse known as the Rim Mountain Bike Race. The Pine-Strawberry trail is a downhill technical ride from the top of Strawberry, Arizona into Pine, Arizona.

By virtue of being the last leg of the Firm on the Rim Mountain Bike Race, the trail is well maintained and receives improvements that make it more challenging and fun.

Trail 200

Difficulty – Extreme

This is a mountain bike trail on the edge of Payson, Arizona created by local riders to test their skills. This six-mile loop should only be attempted by experienced riders looking for a challenge.

This trail is poorly marked, completely singletrack, and very technical. The trail but can be found at the end of Phoenix Street near the Cypress trailhead. Scenery includes the Granite Dells and many large granite boulders.


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