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Cypress Trail - Payson Arizona Trails System (PATS)



Cypress Trail near Payson, Arizona
Cypress Trail

The Cypress Trail is a 4 mile out and back trail from the Granite Dells (FR 435), and 2.2 miles out and back trail from East Phoenix Street.  There are trailheads at both places.  The trail meets up with the Boulders Loop Trailhead so the 3 miles Boulders Loop Trail can be incorporated into the hike. 

The Cypress trail is well marked multi-use trail and features tall ponderosa pines which provide plenty of shade.  There are many granite boulders as well as creek crossings of Stewart Creek along the trail.  The Cypress Trail has both shade trees and tremendous views, the views are particularly good if you follow the Boulders loop.  The trail is well established but does get sandy in places. 

Cypress Trail Phoenix Street Trailhead near Payson, Arizona
Phoenix Street Trailhead                          

Phoenix Street Trailhead

The Phoenix Street Trailhead is located at the east end of Phoenix Street in Payson, Arizona where it dead ends into National Forest.  Hikers park at the end of Phoenix Street, being aware of not blocking any driveways or gates, and walk to the trailhead.  The trailhead is shaded by towering ponderosa pines that continue through much of the hike towards The Boulders Loop Trail.  Be aware that the Phoenix Street Trailhead is about halfway through the Cypress Trail and you will come to an intersection where you can either turn 1-mile towards the Cypress Trailhead at Granite Dells (FR 435) or 1-mile towards the Boulders Loop Trail.  




Cypress Trail Granite Dells Trailhead near Payson, Arizona
Granite Dells Trailhead                                 

Granite Dells (FR 435) Trailhead

The Granite Dells (FR 435) Trailhead of the Cypress Trail is located along Granite Dells Road.  To get here you must take Granite Dells east out of Payson until it turns into a dirt road.  The trailhead is on the right hand side just past the end of the back of The Rim Golf Club Community on the right.  The trailhead is set back off of the road and very easy to miss.  Parking is best just beyond the trailhead about 100 yards on Granite Dells Road.  You will see a place to turn right towards the forest that has a path that connects to the Cypress Trail.  From here you can hike to Phoenix Street or turn left at the trail intersection towards the Boulders Loop Trail.


Boulders Loop-Cypress Trail Junction near Payson, Arizona
Boulders Loop Junction                                     

Boulders Loop Trail Junction

Where the North Trail and South Boulders Trails connect at the east end of the Cypress Trail, there is a signed junction that gives you a choice of the heading turning around and heading back on the Cypress Trail, taking the North Boulders Trail, or taking the South Boulders Trail. Keep in mind that the Boulders Loop Trail will loop all the way around if and bring you back to the signed junction if you choose.



Payson Area Trail System Payson, Arizona
Payson Area Trail System (PATS)         

The Payson Area Trails System (PATS) 

The Payson Area Trails System (PATS) is the beginnings of a world-class trail system established by the Town of Payson to offer enhanced recreational opportunities for Rim Country residents and visitors. It utilizes detached pathways, existing sidewalks, and bike lanes in Payson to form an interior trail network. This trail network mostly follows the perimeter of the town and connects to Forest Service roads and trails in the Tonto National Forest area on Payson’s periphery. The trails are open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.  Some trails are open to off-road vehicles. The completion of the entire trail system is still in process.



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