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Firewise in Payson, Arizona

Being firewise is always recommended by fire officials in Payson, Arizona and the surrounding area as a defense to wildfires.  Rim Country sits in an area with potential for forest fires thanks to dense, dry forests.  The Payson Town Council is moving closer towards implementing a fire code to enforce firewise standards.  Certain HOA neighborhoods like Chaparral Pines and The Rim Golf Club already require Firewise.  Integra builders who is affiliated with Integra Rim Country Real Estate provides firewise service and offers a free evaluation. 

Purpose of Firewise

The goal of Firewising is to create an maintain a defensible space around your home and lots.  Keep a defensible space can dramatically increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire and improves the safety of the community.  The ideal defensible space around your home is 100 feet.

Importance of Lot Firewising

It is vital to Firewise vacant lots as this creates a fuel break between lots and surrounding homes.  Properties that are not compliant with Firewise standards pose a significant risk to the community.  During a wildfire, excess vegetation on a vacant lot creates additional fuel for the fire, which increases the intensity, causing more damage.

Reasons to be Firewise

  • It’s our responsibility
  • Keep lives, homes and properties safer
  • Neighbors and communities safer
  • Community values safer
  • Firefighters safer
  • Less damage to natural resources

How can Integra Help?

  • Thinning vegetation on your lots
  • Removing flammable material away from your home.
  • Creating proper spacing between trees.
  • Removing dead or dying trees and brush
  • Removing vegetation from under trees
  • Pruning the lower branches of mature trees 6 feet above ground.

To find out more information or schedule a free evaluation you can contact me or email Paul

Meulemans from Integra Builders directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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