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Buying versus Building in Payson, Arizona’s Chaparral Pines and The Rim Golf Club


Both existing homes and open lots are available in the country club communities of Chaparral Pines and the Rim Golf Club.  This gives potential residents the option of either purchasing a home available for sale or buying a lot and building a new home.  This question has become more prominent now that inventory for existing homes in these two Payson communities is at a very low level.  The answer to the question is a personal one and it depends on your circumstances and what you want from your new home.  I will try and point out a few of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Buying an Existing Home

  • Economics - Right now in most cases it is more economical to purchase an existing home in these communities than build.  Although the available lots are at great prices, the real cost comes in when building in a mountain community.  Most of these lots are not flat.  These are raw forest lots that are sometimes steep and sloping which can increase building costs due to site prep.  Excavation costs alone can be substantial.  Both communities also have architectural guidelines which you need to consider (The Rim Golf Club is stricter than Chaparral Pines).  There is also the cost of architects, floor plans, impact fees from the Town of Payson, Etc.  Another upside is that the cost of an existing home is easier to negotiate unlike when building a home, where prices, while negotiable, are more fixed, and sometimes there are unexpected costs.
  • Time – If you purchase a lot there is no time frame in which you must build.  However, once you break ground there is a time frame for completion.  The other aspect of time is the time it takes to build.  An existing home is generally ready for move in after purchase, but a build can take up to a year or more.
  • With an existing home you can physically inspect the finished product before purchase and depending on the inventory you may have a lot to choose from.  This can make shopping a little easier.  If you don’t like the product you can also visualize upgrades or modifications that will suit your needs without the expense or delay of building a new home.

Building a Home

  • Build your dream home - You get to pick the exact style of home you want in the exact available location you want.  This is the biggest advantage to building in my mind.  You get exactly what you want subject to the right lot being available.
  • Pick your builder - There is a difference between builders, and you can pick a builder that you know is going to build you a quality product.  With an existing home you have little say in the original builder.  This can impact costs down the road in terms of repairs, utility bills, and resale value.
  • A new home – Some people prefer being the original owner of a home.   
  • It is much less likely for there to be immediate repair costs with a newly built home particularly with a builders warranty in place.  You may end up needing to repair or restore certain aspects an existing home, such as heating, cooling, or roofing, depending on its age and condition

The above is not exhaustive but just some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of building versus buying in these two communities.  Be aware that Chaparral Pines and The Rim Golf Club are private, gated communities and you are not able to tour them unaccompanied.  For more information or to schedule an exploratory visit contact Dennis at (928) 517-4550 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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