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Building in Chaparral Pines and Minimum Square Footage


The golf community of Chaparral Pines in Payson, Arizona has 888 total lots, of which over 500 have homes already built.  That leaves more than 300 lots available for building.  Some of these have already been purchased for eventual builds and others are available for purchase.  I often get the question, what are the minimum square footage requirements if I want to buy and build on one of these lots.  

To answer that question let me explain that Chaparral Pines was built in 3 different phases.  Units built on lots in Phase I & II must be at least 2200 hundred square feet exclusive of garages, crawlspaces, unfinished basements, patios, breezeways, and other unheated areas.  Units 801-888 in Phase III must be at least 2,500 square feet also exclusive of unheated and uncooled areas.  

There are however exceptions to these square footage requirements.  Within Chaparral Pines there are three small neighborhoods that have lower square footage requirements.  These three neighborhoods are Elk Run, Wildflower Ridge, and Pine Island.  Elk Run has a minimum square footage requirement of 1,250 square feet, Pine Island has a minimum square footage of 1,450 square feet, and Wildflower Ridge has a minimum square footage of 1,500 square feet.  There are very few of these lots with the lower square footage requirement left and they will soon be gone.  Most of the lots in these neighborhoods now have homes on them, some of which will come up for sale.

Be aware that Chaparral Pines is a gated country club community with an HOA.  Site built homes only and the must comply with the Chaparral Pines HOA architectural guidelines.  You cannot park a camper or an RV on a lot for more than 24 hours unless it is within an approved structure.  

When building in Chaparral Pines you can bring your own builder or be introduced to a builder familiar with the community.  It is recommended if you bring your own builder it is one that is familiar with mountain building which is a much different ball game than building on flat land.  

For more information on building or to set up an exploratory visit in Chaparral Pines contact Dennis at (928) 517-4550 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Keep in mind that Chaparral Pines is a private gated community and you cannot tour the community or its amenities unaccompanied.



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