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Chaparral Pines Golf Course

Chaparral Pines Golf Course

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Chaparral Pines’ private championship golf course is an 18-hole, par-72 masterpiece designed by former U.S. Open and PGA Champion David Graham and noted Scottsdale-based architect Gary Panks. It was named one of Golf Digest’s “Top 10 New Private Golf Courses in the U.S.” when it opened in 1997 and consistently ranks among the magazine’s “Top 10 Private Golf Courses” in Arizona.

Spreading over the Mogollon Rim country of northern Arizona, the golf course features a variety of challenging holes, beautifully manicured fairways and breathtaking views of the majestic landscape – all of which exceed any golfer’s expectations. In addition, an assortment of intrinsic man-made lakes, streams and washes add to the serenity of the course. Thanks to Payson's mild climate, avid golfers can enjoy year-round golf.

Designed as a special escape among the pristine forest, Chaparral Pines, a par 72 course, is anchored by a spectacular PGA & US Open Champion, David Graham and architect, Gary Panks 18-hole course and features year-round play. This signature 18-hole golf course is built with respect for the land, with natural topography inspiring the layout of each hole. Existing landmarks such as natural granite rock outcroppings have been left untouched.

Hole #1: Ponderosa

Par 4

The opening hole, a straight away par 4 framed by tall pines, will give you a taste of the beauty, eloquence and fairness of Chaparral Pines. Tee shot placement in the fairway will avoid tree trouble on your approach. Beware of the large, deep sand bunkers near this plateau green, which is also guarded by large pine trees left and right.

Hole #2: Game Trail

Par 5

Many deer and elk have walked the straight and narrow here and golfers are well-advised to do the same. this hole, which features a split fairway from the tee, is reachable with two strong shots. (It's all uphill.) The green complex is framed with a nest of sand bunkers and by large oak trees.

Hole #3: Diamond Point

Par 4

Spectacular short par 4. Plays from elevated tees across a deep ravine to a fairway perched on a hillside. This hole is adorned by rock formations, a collection of picturesque bunkers, Alligator Junipers, Oaks, Pinion Pines, and magnificent views. Golfers options: play a driver to the narrowest and deepest part of the fairway for an uphill pitch to the green situated in a saddle on the ridge top, or select a long iron or fairway wood for a safer tee shot and longer approach.

Hole #4: The Falls

Par 3

A beautiful water shrouded par 3 sporting three falls, with the largest dropping nine feet into the pond fronting the narrow green. A deep bunker separates the putting surface from the water in front. Golfers won't mind coming to rest in the bunkers as opposed to a watery grave short or to the right. Only the expert (or the stout of heart) will shoot at the flag when it's situated on the far right.

Hole #5: Rocky Points

Par 4

Mother Nature built this hole. The architect merely found it and made preparations for play. Two distinctive "points" penetrate a large, gently undulating fairway sweeping majestically up a hill to the green. A long tough, yet gorgeous hole with no bunkers to compete with its beauty. Have at it and enjoy!

Hole #6: Quarry

Par 3

Graham and Panks created much of this hole by sculpting a large deep quarry between tee and green to provide needed borrow material for the 7th. (The architect has paid his respects to Mother Nature everywhere else on the course and asks for her forgiveness here.) Anyway, the quarry does add a wonderful view corridor to this delightful little hole. The green is flanked by a (natural) hillock on the left with a lone pine, the quarry in front and saving bunkers on the right and rear. Thank you Mother Nature.

Hole #7: Canyon Creek

Par 5

One of the toughest and most beautiful par 5's in God's creation. From the tees, golfers play over a wild and rocky creek bed to the fairway. This double dogleg twists and turns between high pine-covered ridges while following the creek all the way to a narrow green placed between the creek and an abrupt hillside. A most challenging 3-shot hole which demands respect. Most (smart) golfers will play it cautiously for a 5 or 6. For the bold, the risks are high but the reward could be very satisfying.

Hole #8: Canyon Carry

Par 3

Simply, breath-taking! (Words can not do it justice).

Hole #9: Two Putt

Par 4

From the Graham Tee, the fairway seems far, far away, but it's only 165 yards. Chaparral covered broken ground lays between tee and fairway that was carved down between two ridges forming a valley of green grass swinging up to an elevated double green. A strong drive and accurate medium to long is required to reach in two. Avoid the deep sand bunker protecting the right front.

Hole #10: Road Hole

Par 4

You could never know this fairway was once a paved roadway! It has been transformed into one of the most picturesque holes at Chaparral Pines. Drive from elevated tees surrounded by tall pines and granite boulders across Goat Camp Wash to the narrow landing area some 250 yards from the back tee. Pick your 190 yard club and go for the green, but be careful of Pine Island Lake on the right. Par is a very good score here.

Hole #11: Sleepy Hollow

Par 4

As the golfer looks from the tee, he/she sees a tree lined fairway leading to an elevated landing area guarded by large Ponderosa Pines on both sides. Accuracy is the name of the game here. The scratch player may want to play a 1 iron or 3 wood to a plateau landing area, setting up a 6 or 7 iron approach to the green which in nestled between boulder outcroppings. The setting is a natural amphitheater with a backdrop of tall pine trees. One of our most pleasing holes, but don't be lulled to sleep. You must keep your composure to score par or better.

Hole #12: Rim View

Par 5

It's a bit of a trek back to Graham Tee, but well worth the effort. You will feel "on top of the world" as panoramic views display the scenic grandeur of Rim Country. Now turn toward the fairway for another splendid view of this reachable par 5. The first landing area is flanked by a massive ridge of rock on the right and framed by tall pines on both sides. This dogleg right follows the lay of a small canyonn all the way to the green. Avoid a strategic tree in the second fairway landing area and the green side bunkers for a shot at an eagle or birdie.

Hole #13: Tree Tops

Par 4

As the golfer looks to the north towards the green, his/her gaze falls upon miles of tree tops below the Mogollon Rim in the distance. Back to the task at hand... select a long iron or fairway wood for a shot at this large green nestled in a forest glen. A huge bunker short and right wraps around a tall pine like a boomerang with its tip carved in at the greenside. A large grass bunker to the rear will save golfers from falling down a steep slope into the canyon below. Favor the left side and par may be a reality.

Hole #14: Elk Springs

Par 5

Another marvelous hole born out of Mother Nature! The fairway follows the spring-fed creek with majestic Ponderosa Pines along the way. Play from the elevated tee down to a terraced fairway. Take to the high side for safety, or play left down along the creek for a shorter approach to a second fairway and green situated in a hollow next to the creek. Majestic mountain views, boulders, water, trees and an occasional elk await. What more could you ask for - except maybe a 4.

Hole #15: Tranquillity

Par 4

The tees on #15 are in a little cove leading to a lake at forest edge which golfers must play over. Don't worry - it's only a 150 yard carry from the very back to a fairway sloping towards Goat Camp Wash. What a personality this hole has - with its stately pines along a drainage clothed in a wild mint, seasonal flowers, deer grass and running water. be cautious with your tee shot, as a fairway lie is a must for a chance to put it on the dance floor. The driver may not be the best choice! The green is located on a small alluvial bench next to the creek with boulders and forested hills around. To reach the putting surface, you will have to kick a field goal between a cluster of 100 foot tall pines.

Hole #16: Goat Camp

Par 3

Make your way from #15 green over a grand wooden walk bridge (across Goat Camp Wash) to the tee nestled in among broken necklace granite boulders. Looking out form the boulders, you will see a long narrow green in the shape of a lazy "S" framed by large stately oak trees on the left and a low sandy ridge to the right. The left front of this green is perilously close to the deep and wildly beautiful Goat Camp Wash. Two large bunkers along the bulkhead may be your only "saving grace." A unique hole with little margin for error.

Hole #17: Crosscreeks

Par 5

"For the big hitters this is a lay-up off the tee but if laid up correctly presents a good chance to get home in two, however, it is 250-260yds. and all carry. For the more reasonable hitters, lay-up over the hazard to about 110 yds. and then attack the hole from here. When laying up though, avoid going left into a hazard or too far right because several large trees will block you out."

Hole #18: Cascades

Par 4

What a view this tee provides of the north Rim! WOW! A controlled tee shot to the preferred fairway landing area will enable golfers to play a medium iron over Goat Camp Wash and up to the home hole. A terraced green is situated below the clubhouse on a steep hillside. Beware of deep bunkers fronting the green and don't be distracted by the cascades to the right. A beautiful challenge for the finish!


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