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Portal in Pine Creek Canyon I & II, Portal III, and Portal IV


Portal at Pine Creek Canyon Portal I & II

Pine Portal 1 was subdivided and established in 1971 in the mountain town of Pine, Arizona and possesses many real estate opportunities.  The adjacent Pine Portal 2 was subdivided and established in 1976.  The two subdivisions merged in 1980, forming what is Pine Creek Canyon Portal 1 &2 today.  Pine Creek Canyon Portal 1 &2 contains a total of 255 home-sites in the now combined subdivision.  The gated community features a large recreation area in a beautiful forest subdivision full of mountain homes.  Pine Portal 1 & 2 is adjacent to the Tonto National Forest and also provides easy access to the nearby Coconino National Forest. 

Portal I and II at Pine Creek Canyon in Pine, AZ
Portal I & II

Pine Portal 1 and 2 has an electric gate system.  The Portal 1 & 2 recreational facility that has a kids playground, Bocce Ball, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Horseshoes, and a putting area.  Common Areas in the Portal 1 & 2 remain for recreation & utility purposes only and are an undivided interest of all property owners.  Portal 1 & 2 is in the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID), Arizona Public Service Utilities (APS), Alliant Gas Company, and have cable internet service available through Suddenlink.

Elk in Portal I & II in Pine, Arizona
Elk Snack Stand in Portal I & II

Portal 1 & 2 sit just below the majestic Mogollon Rim and have an architectural committee that must approve all building and structural improvements. Portals 1 & 2 are also a designated "firewise" community which means residents are responsible to firewise their lot in order to mitigate fire risks. Rentals of less than 6 months are prohibited in Pine Creek Canyon Portal 1 & 2. Below you will find more information of firewising, CC&Rs, property rules, common area maps, plat maps, and the architectural guidelines for Pine Portal 1 & 2.

Portal 1 Plat Map Pine, Arizona

Portal 2 Plat Map Pine, Arizona

Portal 1 & 2 CC&Rs amended 2009

Portal 1 & 2 Property Rules (2020)

Portal 1 & 2 Common Area Map

Portal 1 & 2 Architectural Guidelines

Portal 1 & 2 Firewising Your Property

Portal I & II Cabin in Pine, Arizona
Portal I & II Cabin

Portal III at Pine Creek Canyon in Pine, Arizona

Portal III at Pine Creek Canyon was established in 1981 and sits about half way up Pine Canyon in Pine, Arizona and presents real estate opportunities for those looking for cabins and mountain homes.  The Portal 3 community in Pine, Arizona is comprised of 198 residential lots and is adjacent to the Tonto National Forest.  You will find many unique mountain homes here with a good blend of trees and views.  

Portal III in Pine, Arizona
Portal III in Pine, Arizona

Portal 3 is in the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID), Arizona Public Service Utilities (APS), Alliant Gas Company, and have cable internet service available through Suddenlink.  The mountain community of Portal 3 voted in 2014 to restrict rentals to a period of 6 months or more eliminating short-term rentals.  Portal 3 does have an architectural committee so all new builds and structural modification require prior approval.  Portal 3 is also a "firewise" community.  Plat maps, CC&Rs, Architectural Guidelines, and Firewise recommendations for Portal 3 at Pine Creek are available below.  

Portal III is located just beyond the Pine Creek Lavender store and Portal I and II on Pine Creek Canyon Drive.  It sits just opposite of Pine Creek below Arizona's Mogollon Rim.  It is not a gated community like Portal I& II and Portal IV, but it does feature a 24 hour security patrol.  

Portal III in Pine, AZ
Portal III Security

Portal IV at Pine Creek Canyon in Pine, Arizona

Portal IV at Pine Creek Canyon is the newest of the Portal neighborhoods in Pine, Arizona and was established in 1994. Portal 4 consists of 167 lots that were made available for the construction of single family homes which attracts both full-time residents and those utilizing their real estate for second homes or vacation homes. The community is gated and sits in Pine Canyon which runs northeast below the Mogollon Rim. Portal 4 is surrounded by the Tonto national Forest with easy access to the Coconino National Forest.  The roads are paved and maintained by the Portal IV Home Owners Association. This includes road maintenance and snow removal.

Portal IV in Pine, ArizonaPortal IV in Pine, AZ

Portal IV is a gated community and has architectural guidelines that require all homes to be constructed of log, wood, or stucco materials.  Roofs are required to be made of metal or Triple-A roofing materials.  Portal IV is also a "firewise" community which requires residents to clear brush in order to mitigate fire dangers.  All homes in Portal 4 are equipped with a grinder pump which facilitates sewage removal.  Informational documents for Portal 4 including the Portal IV CC&Rs, Architectural Guidelines, Plat Map, and Lot Map are available below:

Portal IV Architectural Guidelines

Portal IV CC&Rs

Portal IV Neighborhood Map

Portal IV Plat Map in Pine, Arizona

Information on Road Maintenance in Portal IV

Portal IV Gate in Pine, ArizonaPortal IV Gate

Popular Lakes Near Pine, Arizona and the Portal Neighborhoods

The Portal neighborhoods sit in Pine, Arizona below the Mogollon Rim which provides abundant recreational opportunities.  The Mogollon Rim has 7 forest lakes that are popular recreational spots.  The two that are closest to Pine and the Portal neighborhoods are Knoll Lake and Bear Canyon Lake.  These two lakes are popular for fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, camping, swimming, wildlife watching, and just general recreation.


Popular Hikes Near Pine, Arizona and the Portal I-IV Neighborhoods

The Portals and Pine are completely surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and are close to the Coconino National Forest which both contain a wide variety of hiking trails. Both The 860-mile Arizona Trail and the 51-mile Highline Trail pass near Pine, and the nearby Mogollon Rim is filled with trails making world class hiking right in your backyard.  The endless trails around Pine, Arizona are used for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and certain trails are open to OHV and dirt bike riding.

About Pine, Arizona

The Town of Pine, Arizona and The Portals I-IV neighborhoods are about 10 miles north of the larger town of Payson, Arizona. Pine is at approximately 5500 square feet and is a popular spot for cabins and vacation homes for Phoenix residents because of its towering pines, mild climate, fresh mountain air, proximity to Phoenix, and abundant recreational opportunities. The town is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and close to the nearby Coconino National Forest.  The population of Pine nearly doubles in size during the summer months.  Both full-time and part-time residents are property owners in each of the Portal neighborhoods.  Pine is an unincorporated township and police services are provided by the Gila County Sheriff's Office with a full time sheriff residing in Pine.

The desirable neighborhoods of Portal I-IV sit in Pine Canyon and are in the town.  This means they are conveniently located near the many restaurants of Pine, including a brewery, and the local shops and businesses. Nearby Bear Canyon Lake and Knoll Lake offer plenty of outdoor fun. Mountain biking and hiking are also a big attraction here due to the region’s top-notch trails, picturesque scenery, and great weather.   

The area of Pine was settled in the mid-1800s and has a lot of old buildings and history. Many of these old buildings have been transformed into businesses. Summer festivals among the rural ambiance add to the areas appeal. The festivals kick off in May and continue through the fall.

Pine sits at around 5500 feet of elevation below the Mogollon Rim giving it a generally mild climate.  There are two distinct rainy seasons that impact the region.  The monsoon rains take place between July and September and can bring afternoon thunderstorms.  Pine will also receive occasional winter storms from the Pacific Ocean in the winter months of November through March.  These two storm systems give Pine an annual rainfall of 23.8 inches.  Because of its elevation, Pine receives a few snowstorms a year.  The annual snowfall in is around 21 inches.  In general, snow does not last long as winter temperatures in Pine range from as low as the teens at night to as high as the 60's and 70's during the day.