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Woodshire at Elk Rim

Woodshire at Elk Rim in Pine, Arizona

Woodshire at Elk Rim is a newer development in Pine, AZ founded in 2019 which contains 18 homes on lots of about 6,000 square feet in a 4-acre area. There is also a clubhouse with an expansive deck, outdoor BBQ area, indoor kitchen-prep area and community gathering and dining area The lots and new builds are all sold out as of late summer of 2020, but resale homes do come available.

Its location just below the Mogollon Rim in Pine, Arizona offers spectacular views from above the tree line sitting in a Ponderosa and Juniper forest. The neighborhood development style is new country modern in the mountain town of Pine, Arizona north of Payson. This new development is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for a new vacation home in the cool pines with great views.  Woodshire at Elk Rim is a Brookshire community.

A wood framed terrace into the community marks the entrance and all of the homes are located along Elk Rim Court. The original developer offered a choice of 10 Semi-custom home choices with further options on exterior materials and colors along with a broad range of interior selections with different upgrade levels. Elk Rim properties feature captive sewer & water systems.  

Woodshire at Elk Rim features a community garden that gives residents the opportunity to grow their own fresh fruits, garden vegetables and herbs. Woodshire at Elk Rim also features off-leash walking trails in the community for walking dogs. The neighborhood does have a homeowners association and the CC&Rs and Plat Map can be found below.

Woodshire at Elk Rim in Pine, Arizona 

Woodshire at Elk Rim House

Woodshire at Elk Rim in Pine, AZ

Woodshire at Elk Rim Entrance

Woodshire at Elk Rim Lot Map in Pine, AZ

Woodshire at Elk Rim Lot Map

Woodshire at Elk Rim Home Owners Association CC&R's

Woodshire at Elk Rim in Pine, AZ Plat Maps

Woodshire at Elk Rim in Pine, AZ Public Report 


Popular Lakes Near Pine, Arizona and Woodshire at Elk Rim

The Wooshire at Elk Rim subdivision sits in Pine, Arizona below the Mogollon Rim which provides abundant recreational opportunities.  The Mogollon Rim has 7 forest lakes that are popular recreational spots.  The two that are closest to Pine and the Hidden Pines neighborhoods are Knoll Lake and Bear Canyon Lake.  These two lakes are popular for fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, camping, swimming, wildlife watching, and just general recreation.


Popular Hikes Near Pine, Arizona and Woodshire at Elk Rim

Woodshire at Elk Rim and Pine are completely surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and are close to the Coconino National Forest which both contain a wide variety of hiking trails. Both The 860-mile Arizona Trail and the 51-mile Highline Trail pass near Pine, and the nearby Mogollon Rim is filled with trails making world class hiking right in your backyard.  The endless trails around Pine, Arizona are used for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and certain trails are open to OHV and dirt bike riding.

About Pine, Arizona

The Town of Pine, Arizona and the Wooshire at Elk Rim Subdivision are approximately 10 miles north of the larger town of Payson, Arizona. Pine is at approximately 5500 square feet and is a popular spot for cabins and vacation homes for Phoenix residents because of its towering pines, mild climate, fresh mountain air, proximity to Phoenix, and abundant recreational opportunities. The town is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and close to the nearby Coconino National Forest.  The population of Pine nearly doubles in size during the summer months.  Both full-time and part-time residents are property owners in the Woodshire at Elk Rim neighborhood.  Pine is an unincorporated township and police services are provided by the Gila County Sheriff's Office with a full time sheriff residing in Pine.

The desirable neighborhood of Wooshire at Elk Rim sits just oustside of Portal IV in the Pine Valley, and is in the town.  This means it is conveniently located near the many restaurants of Pine, including a brewery, and the local shops and businesses. Nearby Bear Canyon Lake and Knoll Lake offer plenty of outdoor fun. Mountain biking and hiking are also a big attraction here due to the region’s top-notch trails, picturesque scenery, and great weather.   

The area of Pine was settled in the mid-1800s and has a lot of old buildings and history. Many of these old buildings have been transformed into businesses. Summer festivals among the rural ambiance add to the areas appeal. The festivals kick off in May and continue through the fall.

Pine sits at around 5500 feet of elevation below the Mogollon Rim giving it a generally mild climate.  There are two distinct rainy seasons that impact the region.  The monsoon rains take place between July and September and can bring afternoon thunderstorms.  Pine will also receive occasional winter storms from the Pacific Ocean in the winter months of November through March.  These two storm systems give Pine an annual rainfall of 23.8 inches.  Because of its elevation, Pine receives a few snowstorms a year.  The annual snowfall in is around 21 inches.  In general, snow does not last long as winter temperatures in Pine range from as low as the teens at night to as high as the 60's and 70's during the day.


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